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Kapital Motoröl offers a selection of high quality engine motor oil for almost any vehicle that you love.
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Expedition Motor Oil
Browse our range of products for heavy duty applications.
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Everyone says they have “best” or “premium” quality oil but how do you chose the right product?
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We strive to perfect everything to the last detail. Instead of cutting corners, we think how to make our products and service better every day. Read more why it‘s worth working with us.
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Modern blending facilities
Kapital Motoröl – a motor oil that came from a factory established near Rotterdam nearly 125 years ago. The factory with its own supply port for base oil produces over 17 000 articles totalling more than 85 000 tons.
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Kapital Motoröl is introducing a new motor oil brand to the worldwide lubricants market
Kapital Motoröl is introducing a new motor oil brand to the worldwide lubricants market. Currently the brand will feature two product lines: “ELEMENT” for passenger and light commercial vehicles motors, and “EXPEDITION” for heavy duty applications
Welcome to the new Kapital Motoröl website
We are glad to announce that we became a partner with one of the leading motor oil factories in the Netherlands - "Kapital Motoröl". Knowing the importance of quality and trust these days, we strive to ensure that "Kapital motoröl" is the right partner to fulfill both of these needs. Over 125
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With engines, regulations and technologies developing fast, it’s more important than ever to keep up-to-date. Take advantage of our knowledge and read on the FAQ.
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